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 DEW HVAC Training Services CenterDr. WhiteOperation Specialist Academic HVAC  DEW HVAC Training Services Center stands as a premier institution dedicated to offering comprehensive training programs in heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration (HVAC-R) systems. With a solid background entrenched in the HVAC industry, our commitment revolves around providing top-notch training solutions for both novices and seasoned professionals. Since our establishment, we've garnered trust and recognition for delivering high-quality instruction that equips participants with the requisite skills and expertise to thrive in the HVAC sector. Our team comprises industry experts, seasoned instructors, and HVAC professionals, ensuring a wealth of knowledge and practical experience is infused into our training programs. At DEW HVAC, we're driven by a fervent interest in empowering individuals and organizations with the requisite knowledge and skills to excel in the HVAC-R domain. Our mission entails fostering a dynamic learning environment, brimming with interactive sessions and hands-on experiences, thereby facilitating skill development that resonates with real-world applications. With state-of-the-art facilities including modern classrooms, labs, and training workshops, participants benefit from immersive learning experiences tailored to meet diverse needs and skill levels. From fundamental principles to advanced techniques encompassing HVAC system design, installation, maintenance, and troubleshooting, our curriculum is meticulously crafted to cover all facets of HVAC-R systems. Moreover, our commitment extends to offering customized training solutions to accommodate specific requirements, schedules, and budgets. Upon completion of our programs, participants have the opportunity to earn industry-recognized certifications, further enhancing their credibility and employability in the HVAC-R field. In essence, DEW HVAC Training Services Center remains steadfast in our pursuit of excellence, poised to empower individuals and organizations with the knowledge and skills needed to thrive in the ever-evolving HVAC industry.


Phone: 844-723-3922

Address: 3820 Faber Place Dr., Ste. 300, North Charleston, SC, 29405, United States
 Midwest Energy Efficiency AllianceAlison LindburgDirector Non-Profit Standards and Codes Building Codes and PolicyMEEA is one of the Regional Energy Efficiency Organizations (REEOs) working in a 14-state (AK, IA, IL, IN, KS, KY, MI, MN, MO, NE, ND, OH, SD and WI) region. As a collaborative network, MEEA promotes energy efficiency first to optimize energy generation, reduce consumption, create jobs and decrease carbon emissions in all Midwest communities. MEEA’s vision is an achievable pathway for all people and communities in the Midwest to receive the economic, environmental and societal benefits of energy efficiency and the larger clean energy economy.
Specifically, MEEA works to improve building energy efficiency by advancing and supporting building policy development, adoption, implementation and compliance. Policies can include, but are not limited to, energy codes, benchmarking ordinances, building performance standards, tax abatement programs and time-of-sale/rent disclosures. The organization also researches and works on market transformation strategies and works with stakeholder groups to improve energy code compliance for new residential and commercial buildings. At MEEA, we leverage our expertise to be the Midwest’s leading resource for our 160+ members, allies, policymakers and the broader sector to promote energy efficiency as the essential pathway to achieve a clean, affordable, equitable and sustainable future. MEEA develops connections and engagement opportunities for a diverse group of organizations to collaboratively create practical solutions. MEEA serves as a technical resource and promotes program and policy best practices and highlights emerging technologies, all to maximize energy savings, reduce costs, improve resiliency and lower energy burden.


Phone: 3127847257

Address: 20 N Wacker Drive, Suite 1301, Chicago, IL, 60606, United States
 FedsproutAalap ShahPresident and CEO Small Business Whole building Performance Community Benefits, Project Planning, and Project ReportingFedsprout helps businesses and non-profits secure government funding and provide support during project execution. We help strategize, plan, and ensure successful projects when working with the federal government, especially in the areas of clean energy and other DOE initiatives.
Area of Technical Expertise: Community Benefits Planning for Proposals, Community Engagement, Implementation of Community Benefits Plans, Clean Energy Demonstration Planning. We are experts in community engagement, workforce development, DEIA, and Justice 40. We have technical experts that have been a part of many DOE proposal submissions and projects.

Brief Description of Capabilities: We help write, strategize, and implement community benefits plans for proposals and projects. We provide planning and strategy for successful government-funded projects. Our experts are familiar with federal regulations, budgeting, and compliance.

Area of Interest: Partnering for Community Benefits, Successful Demonstration Planning, Project Reporting, and other aspects from proposal preparation through project completion


Phone: 8443947268

Address: 76 PETTIT PL, PRINCETON, NJ, 08540, United States
 National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC)Tom HerronSenior Director Non-Profit Building Envelop Providing Education to Accelerate Building Codes Adoption, Compliance, and EnforcementEnergy Code Training

The National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC) is uniquely qualified to serve as a partner that helps accelerate building code adoption and compliance.

Our expertise includes the following:

Code compliance training on fenestration.

Setting performance requirements for fenestration.

Fenestration performance for HVAC load calculations

Using the NFRC label and label certificate to determine fenestration code compliance.

Educating the design-build community to serve as influencers to drive more consistent and widespread code compliance.

NFRC has educated hundreds of building code officials on the above topics via live presentations at the International Code Council’s (ICC) annual educational conference, known as EduCode. Similarly, NFRC has underscored its role as a thought leader in the codes community by training building cod officials at the District of Columbia Consumer and Regulatory Affairs (DCRA) Green Building Division.

We further demonstrate our commitment to helping accelerate building code adoption and compliance by publishing articles from codes leaders and our dedication to hosting monthly webinars to disseminate the latest innovative ideas from thought leaders on emerging fenestration technology and sustainability, including updates on codes developments and trends.

Moreover, NFRC conducts ongoing market research and has accumulated extensive insight into the current landscape of code adoption and compliance in the commercial fenestration sector. This invaluable knowledge empowers us to foster collaboration across the building codes community in ways that advance adoption and compliance.

As an accredited American Institute of Architects (AIA) Continuing Education Provider, NFRC is equipped to offer customized courses tailored to the specific needs of building code officials and the design-build industry.


Phone: 301-793-6264

Address: 6305 Ivy Lane, #410, Greenbelt, MD, 20770, United States
 EV Charging for All CoalitionVanessa WarheitNational Lead Non-Profit Standards and Codes Equitable Building Codes for EV ReadinessThe EV Charging for All Coalition works with organizations and state and local governments throughout the US to implement equitable EV Readiness building codes. Our two guiding principles:

* Maximize equitable, affordable access to “EV Ready” (plug-and-play*) charging at home and at work;
* Minimize cost and complexity for residents, builders and property managers.

Our state-based coalitions advocate locally to strengthen existing building codes, and to advance state legislation when necessary to secure EV charging access for all. We published the nation's first 50-state EV Codes Toolkit, are we are active stakeholders in the CalGREEN, IECC and ASHRAE codes and standards development processes. We are available to advise Authorities Having Jurisdiction and building code electrification advocates on best practices for creating EV readiness codes, with a particular focus on equitable outcomes for residents of multi-family housing.


Phone: 415-225-4435

Address: 3921 East Bayshore Road, Suite 210, Palo Alto, CA, 94303, United States
 New Buildings InstituteJulia HustwitDirector of Codes and Policy Non-Profit Standards and Codes  New Buildings Institute (NBI) holds a deep level of expertise in developing research-based building science and technical information necessary to drive energy efficiency strategies that work. In addition to working directly with policymakers, utility program implementers, and efficiency industry advocates, we make our information on best practice approaches available to the building community through training events, white papers, design guides, open-source tools, and resources. The high-performance building strategies researched and promoted by NBI have been vetted with extensive cost analysis over the years, and NBI has accumulated a wealth of information about costs and benefits of energy-saving measures in buildings. For 25+ years, this information has been used by designers, utilities, regulators, and others to justify improvements in building energy performance.

Energy codes and policies continue to be a crucial lever in transforming markets for high performance buildings. NBI’s work in this program area includes strengthening model building energy codes and increasing their use and usefulness. We also develop the necessary thought leadership to overcome critical issues hindering code advancement and create the technical basis for progressive code and policy approaches, such as stretch codes and code overlays. NBI works directly with leading jurisdictions to implement and increase compliance with these advanced code and policy strategies as well as to develop code and policy roadmaps.


Phone: 503-851-9338

Address: 151 SW 1st Ave., Suite 300, Portland, OR, 97204, United States
 Urban Green CouncilEllen HonigstockSenior Director, Education Non-Profit Standards and Codes Workforce DevelopmentEnergy Code Training:
Urban Green has crafted impactful commercial and residential energy code training for New York City and NY State. Funded by NYSERDA since 2010, our award-winning courses substantially increased code understanding and improved compliance rates. Services include:
- Energy code curriculum development and delivery.
- Audiences are primarily architects, engineers, contractors, and building code officials.
- 16,000 people trained as of March, 2024.

Green Building Training for Contractors and Trades:
Urban Green developed GPRO, a green building certificate program that teaches the people who build, renovate and operate buildings how to integrate high-performance practices into their everyday work. Courses are delivered via building construction unions, educational institutions, USGBC chapters, nonprofits, workforce development groups, and construction and real estate firms throughout North America. Core courses include:
- GPRO Operations and Maintenance Essentials (O&M) for building operators and facility managers that integrates relevant energy code information
- GPRO Construction Management (CM) for contractors, construction managers and other construction personnel that teaches sustainability best practices and actionable strategies for every phase of construction.
- 23,000 people trained as of March, 2024

Course Delivery Expertise:
- Instructor selection and training
- In-person training or though Urban Green’s state-of-the-art online Learning Management System
- All trainings can be customized for specific jurisdictions


Phone: 9178060331

Address: 60 Broad Street, 24th Floor, #1516, New York, NY, 10004, United States