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 WT Partners, LLCWilliam ThaiManaging Director Small Business Strategic Programs AllWT Partners, LLC (WTP) was founded in 2018 and is a U.S. certified Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) consultancy based in Florida. WTP provides technical, advisory, strategy, grant/proposal writing, and management services solely to the Power, Energy, and Utilities ecosystem. Our former and current clients include academia, government, industry organizations, utilities, startups, and venture capital/private equity.


Phone: 9499434554

Address: 8911 LAUREATE BOULEVARD, ORLANDO, FL, 32827, United States
 Infineon Technologies Americas CorpMaria DiGiulianDirector, Government Relations Large Business Cross-Cutting Topic Area 3As a global semiconductor leader in power systems and IoT, we enable game-changing solutions for green and efficient energy, clean and safe mobility, as well as smart and secure IoT. Descriptions of our multiple divisions are here: Infineon has expertise in sensors, microcontrollers, high-performance memories for specific applications, power semiconductors based on silicon and silicon carbide, as well as components for human-machine interaction and vehicle connectivity. Infineon is the world leader in automotive semiconductors. Green Industrial Power applications related to vehicles include electric vehicle charging, trains, and electric commercial vehicles, among other applications.


Phone: 2028192811

Address: 2600 Virginia Ave. NW, Suite 200, Washington, DC, 20037, United States
 Greater New Haven Clean Cities CoalitionPaul WesselDirector Non-Profit Vehicles Alternative Fuel TransportationWe are a non-profit designated by the U.S. Department of Energy to promote cleaner fuels (including electric, hydrogen, and propane), infrastructure, and vehicles for transportation. We provide education and assistance.


Phone: 2034108018

Address: PO Box 26, New Haven, CT, 06510, United States
 It's Electric, Inc.Nathan Kingco-founder and CEO Small Business Joint Office of Energy and Transportation Area of Interest 3It’s Electric is electric vehicle (EV) charging purpose-built for cities, with a mission to unlock access to clean vehicles for all urban drivers. Launched in 2021, It's Electric is solving an urgent challenge: governments are leading the way in setting policy targets to mandate a transition to EVs, but no scalable charging solutions exist for the millions of drivers who don’t have access to a private driveway or garage. If we want all drivers to have access to electric mobility, we must provide them with convenient and affordable public charging options where they already park: the curb.

It's Electric is addressing this challenge by harnessing spare electrical capacity from nearby buildings to deploy low-footprint curbside Level-2 EV chargers. We create a behind-the-meter connection to property owners’ electrical panels to tap this excess capacity, thereby avoiding the barrier of grid limitations and the costly and time-consuming process of creating a new utility interconnection. In return for hosting an It's Electric charger, host properties receive a share of the charger’s topline revenue, creating a new passive income stream for them while making it easier for everyone in their community to charge an EV.

Because of these significant savings, we can take on the capital and installation costs ourselves, without requiring contributions from our municipal partners or our host properties. Furthermore, we can afford to deploy in areas that don’t yet have high rates of EV ownership yet – where we know utilization will initially be low – thus breaking the chicken-or-the-egg cycle that is currently stifling EV adoption in urban areas.

Additionally, It’s Electric chargers are the first in North America to feature a bring-your-own charging cord configuration. Detachable cords not only streamline the charger’s profile; they reduce the maintenance required from damaged cords or cord management components, which are the most commonly broken element of a public charger. This configuration is predominant in European cities, and is rapidly expanding as these countries electrify, providing a successful precedent for how urban curbside charging can be accomplished in the U.S. It's Electric received UL certification for our charger in February 2024.


Phone: 646-203-6604

Address: Brooklyn Navy Yard - Building 128, 19 Morris Ave, Brooklyn, NY, 11205, United States
 Electrovia Technologies CorpThomas RushPresident Small Business Vehicles AOI3The mission of Electrovia is to revolutionize transportation by seamlessly integrating dynamic wireless charging technology and transforming the nation's highways into charging infrastructure. Our initial focus is on medium-duty and heavy-duty vehicles, as significant progress is needed to usher these trucks into the electric era. Notably, consumer vehicles have made significant strides in electrification, largely attributed to market pioneers who paved the way with efficient DC fast charging solutions.

We believe that a similar effort is required to bring medium and heavy-duty trucking charging infrastructure to the forefront. However, the challenges of bringing charging infrastructure to charging sites are more substantial, given the three to four times the power required for these vehicles. To address this, Electrovia aims to provide efficient dynamic wireless charging solutions, enabling trucks to charge while driving.

At Electrovia, we're not just whiteboard theoretical individuals; we are a highly skilled team with real-world experience in roadway infrastructure, high power electronics, and wireless power transfer. Electrovia stands as the first American company dedicated to bringing wireless charging to American highways - we look forward to bringing our vision to the American people.

Our initial product offering consists of "Dynamic Charging Corridors," resulting in net-zero battery depletion. Picture a world where a regional freight truck departs from a distribution center with a 73% battery charge. As the truck journeys along the corridor, it passes through "Booster Stations" that wirelessly transmit power to the vehicle. Upon exiting the miles-long Charging Corridor, the vehicle still retains a 73% battery charge. This significantly extends the electric truck's range, reducing the requirement for extensive charging infrastructure at centralized yards, onboard battery size, and ultimately lowering the purchase cost for fleet operators.

For this FOA, we are submitting a dynamic wireless power demonstration in partnership with ORNL and many other partners. We'd love to have any other energy, or vehicle partners onboard to complete this demonstration! Looking forward to connecting.


Phone: 3464030919

Address: 254 Chapman Rd, Suite 209, Newark, DE, 19702, United States
 HevenDrones IncRoy LevyVice President Business Development Small Business Hydrogen and Fuel Cells Hydrogen-Powered UAS for Last Mile DelivaryIn 2019, HevenDrones was born with a clear vision: To unlock the immense potential of the drone economy. Drones have the power to transform how we work and live – but significant limitations inherent in lithium-ion batteries have hindered their full potential, impacting factors like payload capacity, flight distance, and endurance.

We embarked on an innovation journey, exploring hydrogen as a game-changing fuel source for drones. Hydrogen, with its incredible potential to maximize endurance and performance, offered the solution to these limitations. Not only does hydrogen enhance drone capabilities, but it also minimizes the carbon footprint of this technology and ensures a secure and readily available energy supply.

We’ve found success with our foundational product, the H100, now optimized for superior lift capabilities. We've now designed the first-ever drones optimized for hydrogen's specific flight profile. Our two groundbreaking models, the H2D200 and the H2D250, are engineered around hydrogen, enabling endurance, performance, and mission reliability.

Hydrogen has expanded the boundaries of what drones can achieve. The H2D200, tailored for smaller payloads of up to 4.5kg, can cover distances of up to 510 kilometers and remain airborne for up to 4 hours. Meanwhile, the H2D250, designed for larger payloads of up to 9.8kg, can soar up to 750 kilometers and operate for an impressive 8 hours. Through our advancements in engineering, both platforms reach peak endurance without sacrificing precise hovering capabilities.

HevenDrones is at the forefront of the hydrogen-powered drone revolution. Our mission is to redefine the possibilities of drone technology while minimizing environmental impact. We invite you to be part of this exciting journey, where innovation knows no bounds, and the sky is not the limit—it's just the beginning.


Phone: 9178911750

Address: 990 Biscayne Blvd, Miami, FL, 33132, United States
 FlexiH, LLCNatarianto IndrawanDr. Small Business Hydrogen and Fuel Cells AOI 1We focus on clean ammonia and hydrogen production technology. One of the technologies which is getting close to commercialization is the production of clean hydrogen (free carbon emission) from natural gas using electrodeless plasma system. We are seeking funding to develop the manufacturing facility including the hydrogen refueling station.


Phone: 405-501-6990

Address: 3209 S Broadway Suite 231, Edmond, OK, 73013, United States
 FAAC IncorporatedJason FranciscoTransportation Business Manager Large Business Vehicles ZEB Operator TrainingFAAC Incorporated is the leading provider for simulation training and research solutions. For over 50 years, FAAC has been at the forefront of delivering true-to-life training experiences for various commercial, research, and military customers. We have more than 280 workers spread across five divisions. As the world's first battery electric bus (BEB) simulator manufacturer, we have been ready for fleets to transition and offer the highest fidelity training simulator. We understand operator and first responder training and have a deep history in both markets.

An operator's driving behavior can significantly influence the outcome of Zero Emission Bus (ZEB) deployments. Efficient driving styles significantly improve range, and familiarity with onboard systems and indicators improves safety for passengers and other road users. Regardless of previous experience with an internal combustion-powered bus, training drivers on ZEBs improves these outcomes within ZEB deployments. However, performing operator training in an actual vehicle takes buses out of revenue service, utilizes an expensive training tool, and puts other road users at greater risk during training exercises. A training simulator is an ideal learning space for operators to acclimate to this new technology.


Phone: 5862124463

Address: 1229 Oak Valley Drive, Ann Arbor, MI, 48108, United States
 The National Association of State Energy OfficialsDelaney DixonSenior Program Manager Non-Profit Cross-Cutting Training on Zero Emission Vehicle and Infrastructure Technologies for Critical Emergency Response WorkersThe National Association of State Energy Officials (NASEO) represents the governor-designated energy officials from each of the 56 states and territories. NASEO facilitates peer learning among state energy officials, serves as a resource for and about State Energy Offices, and advocates for the interest of the State Energy Offices to Congress and federal agencies.

The State Energy Offices play a large role in planning for large scale infrastructure investments to support zero emission vehicles including convening state agencies and other key stakeholders to strategically plan for the deployment of zero emission vehicles, charging, and fueling infrastructure . Among the various planning activities for zero emission vehicle and infrastructure deployment, ensuring that emergency responders have appropriate training and resources to respond to zero emission vehicle related emergencies is an increasing area of concern. As key leaders in advancing zero emission vehicle adoption, State Energy Offices are uniquely positioned to convene a variety of stakeholders including emergency response planners, departments of transportation, fire marshals and local fire departments, EV charging station providers and contractors, site hosts of EV charging stations, etc. to provide in-person trainings, develop regional or local emergency plans, recommend make-safe and towing best practices, and more.

NASEO and the State Energy Offices can also facilitate partnerships with Clean Cities coalitions, educational institutions, and other community groups to promote trainings and resources to equip emergency responders with the necessary tools to respond to zero emission vehicle and infrastructure related emergencies. In addition, NASEO can leverage its various committees including the Transportation Committee and the Energy Security Committee to convene State Energy Officials with the expertise and knowledge to identify gaps that exist in state or regional emergency response trainings and curriculums.


Phone: 4438521010

Address: 1300 17th ST, Suite 1275, Arlington, VA, 22209, United States
 Eighth Generation Consulting, LLCSaxon MetzgerProfessor - Lead Consultant Small Business Solar Decommissioning and Circularity InitiativesExpert at leading primary grant applications as well as for providing teaming partner support with our experience in community benefits for indigenous people, education and workforce development efforts, and solar and storage decommissioning and circularity experience.

Our current remaining package includes the necessary stakeholders to perform this research, with letters of support as well as full plans for the development of a project advisory committee composed of experts and stakeholders to provide support, direction, and review of input and output from this research proposal. Our teaming package includes the Osage Nation owned Eighth Generation Consulting, with graduate professors from NYU and Wilmington University possessing published research and presentation experience. Our team has earned recognition by the COP15 UN Biodiversity Conference for it’s Sustainability Planning and indigenous collaboration and research, one with extensive experience as a Sustainability Vice Chair and a mentor for indigenous students with the American Indian Science and Education Society as well as earning the title of Chief Librarian of the International Center for MultiGenerational Legacies of Trauma (ICMGLT), which holds special consultative status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations. Our skills also encompass work on software and hardware, assisting organizations such as the Louisiana State University (“LSU”) College of Business, LSU Cybersecurity Clinic, and TryHackMe with the development of large-scale application and technology infrastructure deployments, in service of over 2 million total end users. In addition, we've developed over 50 hours of video training footage and hands-on cloud security laboratories, with extensive experience developing Artificial Intelligence (“AI”)-assisted applications.

Community Benefit Planning is also now a required tasks for many proposals to U.S. federal funding solicitation as per Executive Order 14008 which declared 40% of all federal investments in the areas of clean energy and energy efficiency; clean transit; affordable and sustainable housing; training and workforce development; the remediation and reduction of legacy pollution; and the development of critical clean water infrastructure flow to disadvantaged communities (DAC). This is known as the Justice40 Initiative. Guidance and input from experts is needed to brainstorm and execute community engagement.


Phone: 6184345684

Address: 2501 CHATHAM RD STE R., SPRINGFIELD, IL, 62704, United States
 Alabama Clean Fuels CoalitionMichael StaleyPresident Non-Profit Vehicles First Responder EV Preparedness TrainingAlabama Clean Fuels Coalition (ACFC) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit. ACFC serves as the principal coordinating point for clean transportation, alternative fuel and advanced technology vehicle activities throughout Alabama. The organization was established in 2002 and became a designated Clean Cities Coalition in 2009. ACFC participates in multiple federal, state, and other funding programs as a partner or a lead. ACFC, as all Clean Cities Coalitions, is fuel-neutral providing educational information and support to our stakeholders throughout the state.

Given the growing number of EVs on our roads, ACFC has recognized the need for training our first responders on dealing with EVs during emergencies. As such we are seeking potential partners to join us in this very important effort.


Phone: 205-907-2239

Address: 200 Century Park South, Suite 112, Birmingham, AL, 35226, United States
 Resonant LinkTate KrasnerDirector of Government Programs Small Business Office of Clean Energy Demonstration (OCED) AOI 3Resonant Link delivers 5-10x faster and more efficient wireless charging for industrial electric vehicles and other transportation systems. We're currently working electrify warehouses, yards, and ports by providing fast, scalable, efficient wireless charging for material-handling equipment. Our wireless charging solutions enable 24/7 uptime, streamlined fleet sizes, dynamic charging, and opportunity charging, all of which reduce queues, costs, and energy demand.


Phone: 7046540419

Address: 530 Community Drive, Suite 2, South Burlington, VT, 05403, United States
 Nxu EnergyVictor AtlasmanDirector of Strategy and Product Small Business Vehicles Area of Interest 3: Clean Transportation Demonstration and DeploymentNxu creates EV charging and energy storage solutions for the infrastructure we need to power our electrified future.

Nxu, Inc. is a domestic technology company leveraging its products and innovations to support e-Mobility and energy storage solutions. Driving the energy future, Nxu is developing an ecosystem of industry-leading grid level energy storage solutions, charging infrastructure and over-air cloud management – encompassed by Nxu’s seamless subscription-based models. Our subscription-based model turns high capital development costs into manageable operational expenses, ensuring that the path to electrification is both efficient and economical.

For more information, visit


Phone: 2124647756

Address: 1828 North Higley Road, Mesa, AZ, 85205, United States
 CrossLink Composites, Inc.Connie JacksonCTO Small Business Advanced Manufacturing (Industrial) 3We apply our proprietary technology to make the world’s first and only high-performance low-cost carbon fiber, serving automotive, wind energy, civil infrastructure, marine, aerospace and transportation markets. We also pultrude composite products and produce oxidized PAN fiber (OPF). We don’t have standardized products but rather we work with customers to tailor products to their specific applications. Our processes enable the lowest cost carbon fiber products available in today's market.
We frequently work with grant recipients to produce specific carbon fiber, OPF or composite products for their research projects. We have received multiple NSF SBIR grants ourselves and are familiar with federal grants and associated requirements.
Our founder and CTO Connie Jackson is an industry veteran with senior level experience running CF and pultrusion operations. Previously she ran operations for Oak Ridge National Laboratory’s Carbon Fiber Technology Facility.


Phone: 8656726716

Address: 1540 RIGGS CHAPEL ROAD, HARRIMAN, TN, 37748, United States
 Greater Indiana Clean Cities, Inc.Kaylee DannExecutive Director Non-Profit Joint Office of Energy and Transportation Clean Transportation Demonstration and DeploymentFor 24 years, Greater Indiana Clean Cities (Greater Indiana) has been a key player in advancing alternative fuel projects for public and private sector members, such as cities, schools, utilities, and government agencies. In 2019, after thorough strategic planning, we transitioned from a Department of Energy-funded program to a fully independent nonprofit entity to prioritize the needs of our members and pursue stakeholder-driven goals.

Today, as an independent nonprofit 501(c)3 organization, Greater Indiana is committed to raising awareness and providing education about various alternative fuels, including Natural Gas, Propane, Biodiesel, Ethanol, Hydrogen, and Electric. We take a fuel-neutral approach, assisting stakeholders in finding the most suitable alternative fuel for their specific requirements. Our collaborative efforts encompass a wide range of projects, programs, and grant proposals aimed at advancing the use of alternative fuels.

Greater Indiana has extensive experience helping fleets develop and improve their alternative fuel infrastructure. Our expertise and fuel neutrality position us to deliver various alternative fuel recommendations. We provide the following services to our members and partners: Fleet Analysis and Planning, Alternative Fuel Program Creation, Education and Outreach, Alternative Fuel Infrastructure Project Coordination and Planning, Grant Writing Assistance, as well as writing Research Articles and Case Studies.

Under our fleet analysis and transition projects, Greater Indiana assesses our stakeholder’s current fleet operations to develop strategies to increase their fleet’s efficiency while decreasing costs and emissions. We review alternative fuel options for fleet replacement, including vehicle options, availability, and costs. In addition, we calculate cost savings and emissions reductions of replacement vehicles using alternative fuels. They also have an educational component that includes coordinating vehicle demonstrations and alternative fuel information sessions to help anyone, from a fleet director to a technician to drivers, learn more about available fuel and vehicle options. These are not just analysis reports but a transition plan, including recommendations on fuel and vehicle options and available funding opportunities.


Phone: 315-877-3830

Address: 8425 Keystone Crossing, Indianapolis, IN, 46240, United States
 Center for Sustainable EnergyZachary HenkinDirector, EV Program Research Non-Profit Vehicles Transportation ElectrificationCenter for Sustainable Energy is an experienced transportation and decarbonization technology program administrator, evaluator, and implementor. We are the host organization for San Diego Clean Cities and are seeking applicant teams to join. We will not be priming an opportunity this funding round.

CSE brings a deep understanding of the current state of the EV market, including common challenges applicants face regarding participating in incentive programs like this and others for EV infrastructure. Our team is very familiar with program details and participation statistics and can quickly identify key sectors to target for outreach and enhanced awareness.

CSE is highly experienced at planning and executing awareness campaigns that maximize reach into impacted communities and market segments with diminished access to clean transportation program opportunities. CSE’s project team includes professional marketing staff who specialize in creating diverse and digestible outreach materials and experienced equity and engagement staff who specialize in fostering relationships with key stakeholders and leveraging local events and initiatives to promote incentive programs.


Phone: 858-429-0954 x 607

Address: 3980 Sherman St Ste 170, San Diego, CA, 92110, United States
 Shred Electric, LLCNick PlansonFounder & CEO Small Business Vehicles Swappable Battery System for Small Boat Motors and Off-Road VehiclesWe are developing a suite of off-road vehicles and 6-30HP equivalent electric boat motors that all use the same battery. We are interested in collaborating with battery, propulsion, motor, and controls companies to develop a safe, reliable, and user-friendly platform to power a range of applications. Key benefits are expanded applications of electric boat motors by reducing the need for waterside charging, and lower cost/higher utilization of batteries by swapping one battery from vehicle to vehicle.


Phone: 9176673860

Address: 343 Penney Rd., New Gloucester, ME, 04260, United States
 Loans and Grants HelpDarrin RiberdyMember Small Business Project Management Coordination Office  We assist firms to complete and submit their grant application:

1. Project management of grant applications from start to finish
2. Create application template with client logo and branding
3. Create secure Dropbox site for document management
4. Create application plan with writing assignments and schedule
5. Agency documentation of solicitation and Q&A
6. Facilitate kick-off meeting and all status calls
7. Assistance to complete the concept paper
8. Assistance to complete full application
9. Assistance to complete application forms
10. Assistance to upload to agency portal
11. Assistance with obtaining UEI and
12. Packaging services
13. Assistance with application compliance
14. Assistance with application evaluation


Phone: 9563603960

Address: South River Road, Calais, ME, 04619, United States
 AFV Educate, Inc.Micheal SmythDirector of Education Non-Profit Vehicles Training and Curriculum DevelopmentAFV Educate, a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization, has set its mission to develop and present training on new technology vehicles to those who need it.

With over 20 years of experience in the alternative fuel and alternative fuel vehicle (AFV) arenas, AFV Educate specializes in developing, distributing, and presenting AFV education materials. Their target audiences include higher education, emergency responders, technical colleges, fleets, municipalities, schools, and the public.

AFV Educate also has a long-standing relationship with the US Department of Energy’s Clean Cities program, partnering with dozens of coordinators yearly to develop and present AFV seminars and training to their coalitions.

The two founding partners of AFV Educate, Chris Womock and Micheal Smyth, have played critical roles in multiple grants, including successful awards from the Department of Energy, Department of Transportation, Department of Labor, FEMA, and others.

Chris Womock, Captain of Indianapolis Fire Department, has taught firefighters and other responders about alternative fuel vehicles for eighteen years. He has completed a degree in Fire Science and is working on his bachelor's in Fire Administration. He holds multiple certifications covering hazardous materials, instructor, fire officer, strategy, and tactics.

Micheal Smyth has been developing and presenting training on alternative fuels and alternative fuel vehicles for over twenty years. He is the author of multiple award-winning curriculum programs, including "Firefighter First Responder Alternative Fuel Vehicle Training” and “Electric and Hybrid Electric Technician Training” for West Virginia University. He previously was Director for WVU's National Alternative Fuels Training Consortium (NAFTC) and Director of Training for Automotive Video Innovations.

Together, they and their staff have set a goal of developing and presenting the best, most current, and accurate alternative fuel vehicle training to the global transportation sector.


Phone: 3042824905

Address: 462 Raven Rock Drive, Morgantown, WV, 26508, United States