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 Grand Summit Group, LLCPeter CiullaPrincipal Small Business Integrated Strategies Topic Area 1Grand Summit Group has extensive experience developing scalable heliostat design including mass manufacturing techniques. We are a registered small business providing Subject Matter Expertise (SME) and technical feasibility assessment and development of renewable energy and other cleantech technologies. These services help evaluate the fit of specific technologies to proposed applications, assess their overall efficacy and risk, and also provide expertise to further develop and commercialize these technologies. The company principal is Peter Ciulla, who has over 20 years of experience developing and scaling cleantech. He also has a master’s degree in mechanical engineering from the University of California, San Diego.


Phone: 8182370788

Address: 2029 Verdugo Blvd, #820, Montrose, CA, 91020, United States
 Boise State UniversityTodd OtanicarProfessor Large Business Solar  Expertise in low to high temperature thermal transport, numerous recent projects on particle thermal conductivity as well as particle wear. Expertise in receiver design (cavity and linear systems), TEA work. Have been funded on multiple SETO and ARPAE projects focused on solar energy.


Phone: 2084261051

Address: 1910 W University Dr, Boise, ID, 83712, United States
 Odqa Renewable Energy TechnologiesAugustin WambersieSenior Technology Engineer Small Business Solar Scalable Concentrating Solar-Thermal ReceiversOdqa is a Solar thermal research company, founded in the UK and spun out from the University of Oxford. It has developed a world leading air based solar receiver, capable of output temperatures between 800 and 1200 degrees celcius. Odqa's receivers are designed to integrate with industrial process heat in order to decarbonise industries. Odqa is looking for project partners to work with on its high temperature receiver development in the US.


Phone: +447502480197

Address: 85 Tottenham Court Road, London, W1T 4TQ, United Kingdom
 Oregon State UniversityChris HagenDirector/Professor Academic Integrated Strategies  PI with 10 years of experience leading DOE projects. Mechanical engineer (Ph.D.) with professional certification (P.E. in Colorado) and engineering management experience. Focusing on energy conversion and storage related issues such as thermal energy storage and next generation fuels which may present green house gas (GHG) reduction opportunities.


Phone: 5416783365

Address: 1500 SW Chandler Avenue, Bend, OR, 97702, United States
 National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL)Craig TurchiCSP Program Leader Federally Funded Research and Development Center (FFRDC) Solar 1,2,3NREL is the nation’s only national laboratory exclusively focused on energy efficiency and renewable energy. NREL’s Concentrating Solar Thermal Power program can assist interested parties with:
• Heliostat characterization, performance metrology, and techno-economic assessment
• Cycle modeling, system integration, and techno-economic analysis of sCO2 cycles integrated with solar thermal
• Design optimization, performance modeling, and techno-economic analysis of novel solar receivers leveraging SAM and SolarPILOT code and expertise
• Solar thermal system integration


Phone: 303-384-7565

Address: 15013 Denver West Parkway, Golden, CO, 80401, United States
 JX CrystalsLewis FraasPresident Small Business Renewable Energy Integration (REI) Topic Area 3: Scalable Concentrating Solar-thermal Receivers and ReactorsJX Crystals specializes in Thermophotovoltaic Technologies. JXC fabricates GaSb infrared cells. GaSb cells can turn infrared directly into electricity. We have experience with concentrating solar power to improve system efficiency. The GaSb cells have been tested for thermal battery systems. They would meet the need for a scalable Solar-thermal receiver. JX Crystals can provide cells and provide consulting for the development of a system. We have experience making different TPV systems to meet different system needs. GaSb cell processes is similar to silicon solar and can be low cost in volume production following a similar trend how silicon solar became cheaper with industry growth. We seek to combine our cells with a high temperature heat source to generate electricity for solar power thermal energy storage.


Phone: 4253925237

Address: 1085 12th Ave NW #D7, Issaquah, WA, 98027, United States
 Praecis Engineering and DesignPatrick DavenportResearch Engineer Small Business Solar  Passionate about harnessing The Sun’s power to shape a cleaner, more sustainable future for all, Praecis E&D specializes by providing unique services and expertise to advance the state of concentrating solar power, thermal energy storage (TES), solar fuel and thermochemical processing technologies. More specifically, we support clientele through close collaboration in the de-risk, development, and T2M strategy of thermal energy systems, components, and materials, from lower technology readiness levels (e.g., TRL 2-3) to levels more suitable for private sector investment (TRL 6-7).

The team at Præcis is capable of supporting research and development (R&D) projects at most all stages of the typical arc, from idea or project conceptualization through to publishing and closeout. Our core competencies are built around an intimate familiarity with the solar thermal and TES landscapes, extending from the scientific/technical challenges to implementation and stakeholder engagement on the international stage. We are particularly experienced in the design, build, and testing of custom test stations/skids which are intended to (a) demonstrate high-risk aspects of a product or (b) shed light on one or more scientific phenomena which are found to be under documented in literature. If the service you seek is not listed below but you feel we may suit the need, please do not hesitate to contact us— it just may be the soup du jour! For instance, most of the stages/services listed below translate smoothly into aspects of new product introduction (NPI) when operating outside the context of R&D.

1. Dream (idea/project conceptualization)
- Literature review, technical consulting
- Proposal development (strategy, envelope calculations, graphic design)
- Techno-economic analysis (TEA)
2. Develop (design, build, test, analyze, iterate)
- Project planning, design of experiments (DoE)
- Process flow diagram (PFD) development
- Test station/skid CAD design (DFA, material selection, BOM development)
- Risk assessment, safe operating procedure (SOP) development
- Heliostat field/receiver optical ray-tracing
- Data analysis, digital image analysis
- Finite element analysis
3. Disseminate (reporting, publishing, closeout)
- Technical writing, reporting, editing
- Graphic design (CAD rendering, artist's rendering, plotting, flow charts)
- Technology to market strategy (T2M)


Phone: 970-270-5263

Address: 2265 Tanglewood Road, Grand Junction, CO, 81507, United States
 SoftInWay, Inc.Vlad GoldenbergEngineering Manager: PPG and Innovation Lead Small Business Integrated Strategies Topic Area 2: sCO2 TurbomachinerySoftInWay, Inc. is an advanced R&D and engineering consultancy company that started in turbomachinery and power generation and now leverages expertise in power, propulsion, refrigeration, cryogenics, and other advanced technologies and system level analyses. SoftInWay releases software products focused on computer aided engineering (CAE) for next-gen industries, focusing on systems level analysis, optimization, and rotating equipment design and analysis. In addition to software products, we also operate as an engineering services and R&D service organization, successfully helping hundreds of clients worldwide solve challenges in clean energy and other advanced technologies.

Our interest in this solicitation is in Topic Area 2: Scalable sCO2 Turbomachinery. We are specifically interested in developing and evaluating novel concepts in turbomachinery that enables advancements in state-of-the-art in terms of performance, operability, safety, and cost. We have full-scope engineering design and analysis capabilities that includes flow path, structure and mechanical design, rotordynamics and bearing selection, and system integration. It is anticipate that technological novelty as solicited by this FOA will be required to enable commercializable sCO2 CSP systems.


Phone: 612-723-3536

Address: 20 Burlington Mall Rd, Burlington, MA, 01803, United States
 NDTL Propulsion and PowerJosh CameronDirector Academic Renewable Energy Integration (REI) Renewable Energy Power Management SystemsThe Notre Dame Turbomachinery Laboratory (NDTL) Propulsion & Power is a research and development organization focused on the execution of large-scale, high-energy, high-complexity testing supported by leading-edge computational and analysis capabilities. Located in a 25,000 square foot facility in downtown South Bend’s Ignition Park, NDTL partners with industry and government in the development of advanced technologies required for conventional and high Mach air-breathing propulsion, energy generation, advanced thermal management, and energy storage solutions.


Phone: 574-631-7781

Address: Ignition Park, Catalyst II, 1165 Franklin Street, Suite 200, South Bend, IN, 46601, United States
 Planet A EnergyBrad HinesCEO Small Business Solar Solar Thermal Collection System with Built-In Long Duration StoragePlanet A Energy manufactures a new type of modular solar collection and storage system.

We seek EPC and project partners for the subject FOA.

In one form, our product looks like an intermodal shipping container with a glass cover. Concentrating solar collectors beneath the cover deliver 750x concentrated sunlight to a bed of black sand inside the highly insulated container. The system is capable of temperatures of up to 1000C and can store energy for weeks to months.

In utility-scale form, the system looks like a large warehouse with a glass roof, with 25,000 tons of storage material inside each "warehouse".

When energy delivery is desired, air is flowed through the system to deliver heat to a process heat user or for electricity generation. (Air is a relatively poor heat transfer fluid, but the massive surface area of our thermal bed makes it more than sufficient.)

Our company delivers collection and storage hardware. We are looking to partner with an energy end user, and with partners to help with siting, integration, energy conversion (if needed), civil works, and so on.
Website: https://www.PlanetA.Energy

Email: Brad.Hines@PlanetA.Energy

Phone: 626-319-8110

Address: 627 Linda Vista Ave., Pasadena, CA, 91105, United States
 Reaction Engines Inc.James GreenbaumAdvanced Programs Lead Small Business Cross-Cutting Thermal ManagementReaction Engines has been developing microtube thermal management technology since it's inception in 1989 out of the necessity to pre-cool air for hypersonic flight. They have since led the technology and manufacturing maturation of microtube (mm and sub-mm scale tube diameters) and developed commercial heat exchangers for aerospace, motorsport and sCO2 energy applications. They offer both orthogonal and curved/annular tube geometries to maximize thermal area within a given footprint and have extensive experience with nickel alloys for high temp applications. Reaction engines has developed and patented their own vacuum brazing process necessary for manufacturing at scale. They have been manufacturing in the UK for the past 30 years and recently opened a US office in 2017 (Denver, CO). Their first DOE award was announced in early 2024 for the DOE Industrial Decarb project, partnered with Echogen.

Reaction Engines is interested in developing microtube modules (arrays) towards the CSP application of transferring heat from a molten particulate to sCO2. Microtube has the inherent benefit of offering high UA per unit mass or volume, while minimizing the amount of metal used due to relatively thin tube wall thicknesses.


Phone: 2407439523

Address: 600 Spitfire Loop, Watkins, CO, 80137, United States
 GE Vernova Advanced ResearchJason MortzheimsCO2 Platform Leader Large Business Cross-Cutting sCO2 TurbomachineryOver 10 years of experience in sCO2 Power cycles for multiple energy systems including: waste heat recovery, geothermal, nuclear, energy storage and concentrated solar power. Capabilities extend from full cycle design, advanced high performance heat exchangers, and sCO2 turbomachinery. In parallel access to advanced material capabilities, advanced manufacturing techniques including AM and NNS HIP, advanced high speed generators with power electronics and advanced component technologies: bearings: process lubricated and magnetic, high temperature, high pressure seals low leakage seals, sCO2 thermal barrier coatings.

Capability to leverage our businesses 125 year history in power generation equipment.


Phone: 518-649-7797

Address: 1 Research Circle, Niskayuna, NY, 12078, United States
 Southwest Research InstituteTim AllisonDirector Non-Profit Cross-Cutting sCO2 Power SystemsSwRI is one of the oldest and largest independent non-profit applied research and development organizations in the United States, and has over 3000 employees operating with over two million square feet of lab space and testing facilities on-site in San Antonio. SwRI has a broad set of laboratories focused on energy-related technologies that support this FOA, including the 10 MWe STEP sCO2 pilot plant, multiple 1-3 MW loops with sCO2 compressors pumps, heaters, recuperators, and expanders, sCO2 test rigs for high-temperature dry gas seal development, and gas and magnetic bearing test rigs. These facilities can accommodate testing needs up to 10 MW electric and 70 MW thermal power inputs. In addition to these sCO2 test facilities, SwRI has a thermal energy storage demonstration facility, a turbomachinery laboratory for power cycle component development, large-scale hydrogen storage, and chemical engineering laboratories. Beyond facilities, SwRI has applied analytical/design experience and capabilities for turbomachinery, power system design/integration/packaging, novel solar heliostats, and high-temperature heat exchangers.


Phone: 2105223561

Address: 6220 Culebra Rd, San Antonio, TX, 78238, United States
 BrightSource EnergyYaniv BinyaminSr. Director Large Business Solar CSPSr. Director, Head of Engineering, Production & QA/QC at BrightSource Energy, CSP technology provider

- Leading worldwide production of Electronics, Gears, Mechanical, Materials and Software: Metrology/ QC/Production / Field installation/ O&M.
- Leading Company Heliostats Product Engineering
- Leading Company R&D From initial stages, technology transfer to final stages of the product life cycle.
- Participating and leading several international collaborations with US & EU Institutes


Phone: +972547856538

Address: Shaldag 3, ZUR HADASSA, 99875, Israel